El Monte Bus Station for Metro

I shot this yesterday, at the end of a very long and good day's work.
This photo appears courtesy of Metro. Design credit: RNL.


First In Space

Space Dog Giuseppe, Joseph Tepperman and Alan Nakagawa. Read about their installation at the recent 2012 Long Beach Soundwalk here. Though it's been happening for nine years, this was my first visit to the annual event. I will surely return next year. 


Endeavor, Killer of Trees

I'm pretty sure these ficus trees on a traffic island on Crenshaw, a little south of Slauson, are among those endangered by the pending Endeavor trip to the California Science Center. I shot this photo in January, 2010.


Sad Garden

I usually try to show garden triumphs here, but for a bit of a change—maybe even a touch of honesty—here's the current state of affairs. Work has been busy. So too everything else. The garden is neglected, mostly dead. But by my count fall—our favorite garden season here in Picfair Village—is a mere 19 days away. Let the preparations begin.



Metro, Ken Gozales-Day & Me

I'm photographing art and architecture along Metro's new Orange Line in the Valley throughout August, and here's an image from the first day of shooting, which, mercifully, was not too hot. Landscape photo and tile mosaic by the incredibly talented Ken Gonzales-Day. (You owe it to yourself to check out his Hang Trees.) This photo that I shot appears courtesy of Metro. (And a huge thanks to the inspiring Alan Nakagawa.)


The Knowledges, contd.

Came across this at Mt. Wilson, while wandering through the Knowledges. If you know anything about it, I'd like to hear it.


Hammer VBB, pt. 2

Fossilized dinosaur poop holding up books. Hands-down the most minimal setup I saw at the VBB. If you can ID the artists responsible, please let me know.

Hammer Venice Beach Biennial

Our whole family had a blast visiting the Hammer's Venice Beach Biennial yesterday, and I scored this cheery addition to the Pelican case that holds my lenses thanks to artists Alexis Smith and Scott Grieger. 


I Couldn't Not Photograph This Thing

 (Out-of-towners: primer here.) What I enjoyed most was the barren, negative space around it, but from my grounded position, I didn't see any way to make a picture of that.


I Dislike Nature Photography More Than You Do,

but when we grow it, we photograph it. If my calculations are correct—and there's no reason to assume they are—this Russian mammoth sunflower is from the fourth generation of saved seeds here at our Picfair Village compound.


The Knowledges: Gabie Strong

Part of an installation by artist and friend Gabie Strong at Mt. Wilson last weekend. Gabie's site is here.


LA Green Grounds (dot org)

They do amazing work. I hope you'll follow the link and read up about them. I shot a time-lapse of one of their garden Dig-Ins. Watch it here.


Artifact #16: Vanity

A visit to the decorative arts/furniture galleries at the Getty Center (here's one of her favorites) sparked the kid's creative impulse. This is her new vanity.


When In Rome, contd.

The interior courtyard of the Italian Cultural Center in Westwood. Design by Robert E. Alexander. I love courtyards.


When In Rome

A little more than a year ago, I photographed a group exhibition of Italian artists put together by Nero, and the catalog with my photos just arrived in the mail. It was a fun job in a lot of ways: I was surrounded by beautiful people speaking Italian; most of the show took place at the Italian Cultural Institue of Los Angeles, which inhabits a fine building with a splendid interior courtyard; though most of my work involved lighting and photographing traditional installations, I actually did some full-on running in order to capture a performance piece that made its way from the courtyard of the Hammer Museum over to the ICI's building a couple of blocks away, and then back; finally, in addition to the excellent visual art, wonderful Balinese music accompanied the performance pitcured here. Lots of photos to share from the catalog, so please check back later this week. (Top: The cover—with which I had absolutely nothing to do. Below: A spread of a photo I shot of a performance/installation/tableaux by Italian artist Luigi Ontani.)



Retna + El Mac

I love the collaborations of these two, and was fortunate enough to get up in a lift to hang out for a bit with Retna—a gracious host and fellow Fairfax High alum—as he did some painting across the street from LACMA in the late night/early morning hours. I only had my phone when I went up in the vertiginous lift, so this photo is what it is.


Artichoke Number One

Artichoke is my new favorite backyard crop. Pictured here is the first we ever grew.