Thee Orpheum

This picture is a scan from a 4x5 Polaroid. I wish I could remember the year I shot this. Maybe 2001? I do remember that I shot it using a cheap Cambo studio camera and my one lens at the time, a Schneider 90mm f8. I had set this shot up one time prior, and after paying for parking and getting everything on my camera in order, bubble levels leveled, Polaroids and film holders carefully arrayed, a FedEx truck parked dead center in my shot. And then it began to rain.


Rivers and Such

A friend just showed me a supremely worthwhile book on the L.A. River: The Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River. I only saw this book briefly, but it seems to transcend visually.
So much photography has been made focusing on the river, most of it dull. And repetitive.
For years I worked on a project of photos of La Ballona Creek. Most of the work is, well, also dull. But I think the important work is the work. And so the mistakes and crap have their own value. Here's one of the stronger images I shot, excerpted from an overall weak collection.
At least I put the hours and thought and effort in. I'm proud of that, if not so much the resulting pictures.
The bike path on La Ballona is the reason I spent a l0t of time out there. And the herons. It's well worth a visit.


A Few Berries Left

When the berries are gone, so are the cedar waxwings. Enjoying the show while we can.