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Metro Red Line Civic Center

Just realized I included this image in a recent newsletter but never posted here. It's part of an ongoing project I've been working on for Metro, photographing the new canopies at Red Line stations. (Photo appears courtesy of Metro)


5828 Wilshire Blvd.

I've wanted to photograph this building for years but always assumed I couldn't get a good angle. I should have tried sooner. This evening I finally did—and I'm pleased with the results.
If you know who designed this building, or anything else about its history, please let me know. 


Metro: Civic Center

I shot this canopy structure recently for Metro. (Photo appears courtesy Metro)


Noah's Ark @Skirball_LA

I've been an enthused fan of the Noah's Ark exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center since it opened about six years ago, and was thrilled this past fall when I had the opportunity to photograph the ark's most recent arrivals—a family of mountain gorillas—for this street banner. As with many of the evocative creatures in the interactive Noah's Ark space, the gorillas were the handiwork of Chris Green and his team. Working with artists like Chris, and the dedicated Skirball staff, is precisely what makes my work not at all work.


Erasure (Picfair Village cont'd)

Please take my word for it that this image works a lot better as a print. Call me and I'll arrange a viewing.


Picfair Village

I'm beginning to photograph our neighborhood, which is going through big changes lately. Much more to come.


Exhumed (Compost Lesson #15)

Many tea bags will break down in a backyard compost bin. Kirkland /ITO EN green tea bags won't.


Scarlet Nantes

It's been a really good year for carrots (of the scarlet Nantes variety) in our small garden. We planted seeds in late September, and have been harvesting since January. It's now late March and we still have a handful left. We'll be missing them soon.

Border Line


Masters of Illusion

My first time seeing a building under construction/renovation, covered by a photograph of its pre-construction self. Brilliant—and, yes, creepy—illusion imagineering in the land of Disney. Distracted visitors more or less experience the building the same as they would had it not been covered by a representation of itself.



Look Out, Instagram

I just discovered Lightroom presets. Forgive me.
This is the very first photo I've taken with my brand-new Canon G15, which I am liking a whole lot.



Abandoned On-Ramp

I was shooting for Metro, up on a ladder photographing the public art at the Expo Line's 23rd St. station, when I turned around and noticed this abandoned on-ramp to the 110 North. (It's fenced off at street level, so you wouldn't notice it without an elevated perspective.) What happens to an abandoned on-ramp?


Kitchen Count: California Towhee

Last post here was of a bird photographed from my living room; this one's from the kitchen, and it actually showed up in our backyard the day after the goldfinch. I'm pretty sure it's a California Towhee. And it's upside down, frankly, because I just found the photo dull in its proper orientation.


Living Room Count

Birders talk about "backyard counts," different species they've spotted outside their houses. I'm officially starting a Living Room Count (though I'm not going to bother counting; I just enjoy looking). In addition to the highly entertaining cedar waxwings I've photographed in the past from inside our PicFair Village living room, today I spotted and got a snapshot of a group of these little (goldfinches?) perched on the rosemary immediately outside our front door. We live in the heart of Los Angeles, yet the variety of wildlife visible from inside our home is incredible. I love this city.



About 24 hours in to my first-ever batch of homemade sauerkraut, and I wish I could set other responsibilities aside to just spend the day watching it slowly change.