Compost Lesson #11

Gingerbread houses are, of course, compostable. And so it all comes full circle, almost like a Hendrik Hertzberg essay, but messier. Happy Holidays!


I Need a

Like the pak choi in the previous post, the vegetables pictured on this photo blog are what we grow in our backyard. These beets are an exception. They just looked too good not to photograph.


"Formula for an Interesting Life:

Acquire skills and use them. The more skills, the more interesting."
-Stewart Brand
The Next Whole Earth Catalog, Second Edition

No Knead Bread How-to Video with Mark Bittman and Jim Lahey.


Artifact #2, Though Not Chronologically

[I hate to distract from pictures with words, particularly in what I had hoped would be a wordless series, but I feel this editorial aside is necessary in order to note that Grover was called Lola long before the Kid discovered Charlie and Lola. So, the Lola in this photo was named Lola and unnamed Grover without consideration for Lola of Charlie and Lola. I probably should have just left that alone, but wanted to make sure it was understood that Grover became Lola just because a two-year decided it should be that way—for no discernible reason apparent to her adult handlers—and not because this then two-year-old was referencing Charlie's kid sister Lola. Clear?]


Lola and Charlie.


Luv 2 Nap

Every day I pass witty vanity plates and think Wouldn't that make a funny photo? No. I've spared you more times than I could count.
Napping, however, is my special talent. It's something I'm really good at.
So I share this with you.