She's Two Years Old!

And is still not so cool with us brushing her hair.

Nusia: Tifosa

Nusia took Bryn and me to cheer on the bedraggled racers at the final stage of the Tour of California in Pasadena today. She's a force to be reckoned with when she's got her cowbells.



In my last post I mentioned that the smallness of those delicious cupcakes was lost in that photo. This photo here is meant to give some sense of scale to the golden beet of two posts ago. From the bottom of the taproot to the top of the greens, the whole plant was (it has since been appreciatively devoured) just about Nusia's height. Our sugar snap pea plants are now about a foot taller than me.


Nusia is about to turn two. Wow. She and Bryn--mostly Bryn, really--made cupcakes to take to school to celebrate the occasion. You can't tell from this photo, but the cupcakes are very, very small. I wanted to have someone stand in this photo to give a sense of scale, but was concerned their clothing would date the image.


Golden Beet

Nusia and I harvested a beet this morning. And a rather pale carrot. And two peas.