Josh Beckman's Sea Nymph

I'm a little late in posting this image I shot, but it's of an installation by artist-friend Josh Beckman at Machine Project last fall. I don't have any words that can do it justice (that's why we have this photo blog, right?), but it was both fun and awe-inspiring, loved equally by our 5-year-old and her parents. You can find out a bit more about it here and here.

Artifact, 10

The octopus was a gift from a friend (purchased at this neat place) that inspired the creation of this little ocean habitat.



Artifact, 8

The kid utilizing extra-long Doc Marten shoelaces tied together to recreate extra-long Rapunzel hair. On her imaginative process: "I see it in my brain." I wish I could see like that, but at least I get to witness it, try to capture a moment.
That's why I enjoy photographing architecture, design and art: I like witnessing—visually describing—others' creative process and resulting work, but not as much as I enjoy hanging out with this kid.

8 Months, Y'all


Artifact, 7

This one is more than a year old, forever in preschool days, but I think it's among her finest work. It was meant to be a birthday cake.