The Dessert Architect

I did the photography for a book called the Dessert Architect, by Robert Wemischner, and according to Amazon, it's available for preorder, though not yet released. We finished shooting the photos about a year and a half ago, and I'm looking forward to seeing the book soon. Finally. I hope.
The food stylist who used matter-manipulating sorcery to make our subject matter camera-ready is Andy Sheen-Turner. We did, indeed, get to taste the desserts before, after and during shooting, and they were all, without exception, supremely delicious.



If you didn't arrive here from Cool Tools, have you been there yet? In addition to heading back to the classroom to pursue some longstanding educational goals, I'm editing Cool Tools now. (Still doing the photo thing, too, of course. Always the photo thing.) And I'm pretty excited about that because I've been reading the site for the past two years, and many of the purchases I've made during that time have come from Cool Tools suggestions. Please visit, subscribe, submit. Just one more link.
See you there.
Thank you.


Old Time Stuff

The Old Time Social of the previous post got me thinking about old stuff, and how old isn't necessarily good—we can thank modernity for Twitter, right?—but it often is. This little decaf bottle has been holding a small collection of 1922 silver dollars and 1964 half dollars since before I was around. Shoot, since before "caffein" had an "E" at the end. It had been my father's, and has been mine for a long while. I check the eBay values of these coins from time to time, but mostly just out of curiousity.


Third Time Ever Old Time Social, Los Angeles

Square dancing, cake walking, fiddling, banjoing, calling, promenading, swinging, BBQ eating and general family friendly good time having—once again at the Old Time Social, under the Spring Street bridge at Farmlab. I wish it happened more than once a year. Here's the Kid, doing a better job of it than I did.


Squirrel Gardeners

I'm not sure where the Picfair Village squirrels are getting raw peanuts in the shell, but as I've been planting our summer vegetables, I've been digging up lots of peanuts. Yesterday morning when I went out to the garden I noticed this new seedling. Digging carefully to the root, I realized it's a peanut plant. So, we're growing peanuts now.

Blogs Don't Update Themselves

The Kid at the new Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. Well worth a visit. Driving up the hill, we saw the largest snake I've ever seen not in a cage or around a person's neck.


Music Building

This is a music building, designed by Osborn Architects, on a high school campus in L.A. County. My high school looked, and felt, like a prison, and I don't know whether or not there was a separate music building, but there were exceedingly long ugly hallways throughout. The acoustics in this building here are amazing, and though the photos won't relay that, I'll post some interior shots here soon.