With the little baking I do, I so enjoy the whole process. There's a reason Play-Doh is so popular with the kids. I do, though, have a favorite moment: It's pulling the Dutch oven out of the oven oven (not a typo), and marveling at the newly baked loaf, listening to it crackle and pop before pulling it out and setting it down on a rack to cool. The black cast iron perfectly frames the fresh loaf, makes it look so much warmer, breadier. This is sort of what that moment looks like, but not what it sounds like. Or smells like.



It's Ficus Week!

In celebration of nothing in particular, this photo blog will be hosting a week's worth of pictures of ficus trees, L.A.'s favorite underappreciated, unheralded, unfavorite curbside flora. I have no real love for these trees, per se, no sentimental attachment. They just express form and mass and scale and human intervention in a way that I enjoy, like nothing else in the urban landscape as I encounter it.
If you haven't already seen the B&W ficus photos I made a few years ago, visit my Etsy shop for a look. Check back here tomorrow for more.