Another Alpine Explorer

This is Phil Eploring the Alps by way of the Velaslavasay Panorama.
Here's another Explorer photo.

Some of these photos have made their way back to me, and I'm posting them when I get a little downtime.


Pico-Hauser pt. 2

Pico Modern; La Maison du Pain; 33 1/3

Pico-Hauser Outtakes

Some photos I shot of local businesses here in our new neighborhood (Pico-Hauser, Picfair Village, or Wilshire-Vista depending on what side of the Springfield-Shelbyville battle you're on) appear in the November issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Considerations that differ from mine go into deciding what images run, how big and such, so I thought I might post some outtakes, which I prefer to what made it into print.
In order of appearance: 33 1/3; Mercado; Sky's Tacos.


CA Endowment Center for Healthy Communities

Some photos I shot will be accompanying an exhibit at the California Endowment's Center for Healthy Communities in downtown LA, with an opening at the Healthy Neighborhood Festival this Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. The show is called "From the Abundant Pharmacy: Traditional Medicine in Los Angeles' Chinatown." It was curated by Sabrina Motley and Sojin Kim. LA Times article on it, too.