More SoCal Cross


We went to go cheer on some bike racers in Orange County today. Nusia's been to some bike races already, but this was her first cyclocross race. She rocked the cowbell, yelled "Ossa!" (we tried teaching her to say "Allez!" but she wanted to make up her own word) and drank a whole juice box.


I Love Snacks!

We took the kid to the No on Prop 8 demonstration at city hall today. Bryn made her a sign, which I think sums up the kid's position pretty clearly.
We went with some friends and met a whole bunch more there, which was heartening. Herb and Sol rocked these great coordinated signs.
Back on the subject of snacks, all demonstrations should be planned, as this one was, in the vicinity of Mr. Ramen. Right on. Right on.

Oh yeah: Making it illegal for a given group of people to get married (as in, to commit to a long-term loving relationship) is insane and wrong and we will all look back on this as having been a time of great ignorance and fear and general compassionlessness. I look forward, eagerly, to obtaining this hindsight.


Travel Town

We climbed, we investigated, we rode the train. We had a blast. I don't think it's changed much since I was there last, in 1975.


Love It or Fix It

My wait to vote today was two and a half hours. I wasn't impatient or annoyed at any point.