Goodbye, Tokyo 7-7

When I took this photo about 5 or 6 years ago, it wasn't a stretch to anticipate that such a gem wouldn't last long in a fancified Culver City. I found the story put best in an L.A. Weekly blog post here.
We still, thankfully, have the Grand Casino.
Just over the first "7" is the True Value logo, where Stellar Hardware used to be. They had free popcorn and coffee, neither of which ever appealed to me, but also a competent, helpful staff, and they charged a reasonably low fee for fixing a screen. Good business. I don't believe in mourning for places that have gone out of business, but Main Street and its alley are poorer without these two.


The Carrot Seed

By Ruth Krauss and Crocket Johnson is a must-read.

Otra Vez

It's been a bit repetitive here lately, but that's because the garden's been supplying some good material. Hope you don't mind.