Apple, Banana

I'm not sure about this one, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I know out there is a big place, but I'm hoping that'll just increase my chances that someone will write and say, "I've always wondered what it would be like to photograph an eaten and browning apple next to a perfectly yellow and ripe and uneaten banana." I'd never wondered about it myself, but was bored shooting something in the studio that I didn't want to shoot. Then I ate my apple, but wasn't quite yet ready for my banana.

A Lot of Good

Years ago I worked with someone who had a poster in her office that said: "A lot of good an airbag will do you if you go insane." That made perfect sense to me then, and now. This image makes me think of that poster.
For Simpsons fans a twice-removed corollary would be: "The goggles, they do nothing!"


Yes on 2

For both of my non-Californian readers, please forgive the local politics. For those of my clients who feel strongly about voting no on 2, I still love you and I still love working for you.
Yes on 2.

No on 8

"The average distance to a polling place in Los Angeles is about half a mile. You can walk that. Even in Los Angeles."
Good Magazine, issue 013; reason #931 to vote.

Hummingbird Cake

Pineapple, banana and dark chocolate ganache. (Thanks, B.)



If you throw arugula seeds anywhere near soil and add water, they will grow.


The blue furry character pictured with the kid here used to be Grover, but he goes by Lola now.


I Like This Building

I don't, however, like taking big transparencies, scanning them and then reducing the resulting file a hundredfold for electronic display (as in, here). But what are my options? Not showing them at all?
This is also BCAM, and I think that's it for the series, unless I take some more. Which I might do because it's really fun.

BCAM, As Well

Degraded 98% for your monitor and mine.


This Is BCAM

Design by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Shot on 4x5 transparency film. My favorite way to make pictures.


The Jungle

Our garden, that is. It's a jungle. The sugar snap pea that was just starting out with such a promising future in the previous post has been cruelly dispatched by a ruthless consortium of pill bugs and earwigs.