Alpine Explorations

One of about 150 Polaroids I shot at the Velsalavasay Panorama's Grand Unveiling Saturday night. Paula painted a magical backdrop; Jed came up with the concept--and pulled Polaroids; Eva supplied brilliant costumes and helped everyone get them just right. Sara, Mary Jane, Oswaldo and Jaun set up the wonderful landscape.

If you happen to know someone who was there and has a Polaroid from our studio, please ask him/her to scan it and send me a copy. I would be ever so grateful.

One more thing: If you enjoy seeing beautiful things, pay the Panorama a visit. You will not be disappointed.

(photo appears courtesy of generous subject)


And Now a Word From Our Commercial Sponsor

Recent work for Schmidt Architecture. Simple, clean, respectful and stylish renovation of an Eichler home.

I seem to have misplaced my Brittanica, but this from Wikipedia:
"[Joseph] Eichler, unlike most builders at the time, established a non-discrimination policy and offered homes for sale to anyone of any religion or race. In 1958, he resigned from the National Association of Home Builders when they refused to support a non-discrimination policy."


One More of the Kid

Just because.

Alpine Fotostudio

There's going to be an Alpine Fotostudio Saturday July 21, 2007, at the Grand Unveiling of the Effulgence of the North Panorama at Los Angeles' one and only Velaslavasay Panorama. Yours truly will be manning the camera and there will be perfomances by Tony Hartenstein and alphorn player Loren Marsteller, among others.
A night not to be missed. Even for busy urban homesteaders/writers on deadline.

Nusia Likes Gardening

Gardening with Nusia is superfun, if not superproductive.
The Polaroid film that this photo was taken with (Type 665 P/N) is being disontinued, which makes me sad.