Kale Chips

This is what it looked like moments after we harvested it and before we roasted it.



Low-Maintenance Veggies

Friends gave us radish seeds, we planted them, and now we have radishes. Veggies that aren't easily botched are the kind of veggies we like to grow here, and so radishes are now part of the regular rotation.
Recipe suggestions are hereby welcomed.


Compost Lesson #12

Lining of biodegradeable food container, after some months.

I am drawn to photography of deteriorating cities, but closer to home, I'm fascinated with how things break down in a backyard compost bin.

This post isn't a compost lesson, really, but maybe it is.



This toy was a favorite of mine before I found out its playfully rhymey name.
I love the simplicity of Haba wooden toys.
Kids seem to, too.


Thanks, Hana!

Artifact, 5

Backstory: Random action-figure doll loses lower body (didn't witness the event myself, so I'm not sure how), and a mermaid-obsessed 5-year-old decides to do this.