Free Park(ing)

I posted a web gallery of the film I shot while driving around on Park(ing) Day. What I saw was quite impressive and equally fun. I hope those involved will do it again next year, and those who happened to encounter it will look at the space on the side of the road differently now. I know I missed a lot of great sites; time was short and the city's kind of big. Sorry if I didn't get a chance to stop by to visit your park and say hi. (To see photos of the sites I didn't photograph, find the Flickr link through the Parking Day link above.) I'd love to give photos to anyone whose work I photographed, so please get in touch.


No Parking

This is the work of James Rojas and his team. It's a model of an imagined downtown L.A. that would improve on the current downtown in a number of ways —on first glance, more colorful buildings, no cars, cute plastic animals in an enormous and hilly central park. If you want to know a little more about it, look here. This photo doesn't do the model justice, as it was something to behold.
On the subject of an improved downtown and Park(ing) Day in general and what it's about, it's worth noting that I missed a few sites downtown because traffic and parking both are less than easy in that vicinity.
I drove around on Park(ing) Day, and I looked for parking. Isn't that the problem? Next year, I'm taking the Xtracycle and getting around without a car.


Office of Ideas

I got my film back from my Park(ing) Day outing; scanning is a slow go. Meanwhile a couple of very talented people known collectively as Office of Ideas made a bunch of wonderful animals that took up a little park space on Wilshire Boulevard yesterday. I don't know whether this is any particular type of animal, and I don't know that it matters.
Here's another angle, for context:


Parking Day LA 2008

I spent the day visiting a bunch of sites celebrating Park(ing) Day today. I lost count, but I think I made it to about 12 sites. The creativity was most inspiring. I shot film, which I won't have back for a bit, but I took some digital photos, too. I hope to post more soon. If I took your photo and you want it, please get in touch.
This is the Koreatown Performance Arts and Fixed Gear Society Moving Park on Wilshire Blvd. near Hobart.



This is a path on a hill in a park in Culver City. It's simple and beautiful and I used to walk on it a lot when I lived nearby. Whomever designed it (anyone know?) deserves a kiss or a beer or a nod of recognition of a job quite well done.

Film vs. This

This image started out on a 6x17cm piece of transparency film, which is really fun to look at. Light comes through it, and it's nothing at all like a crappy computer monitor. If you come over I'll show you the original.


Decomposing Cutlery

Anyone know how long it takes compostable cutlery to break down?
I get curious and check in on the progress from time to time. I think this one has been cooking for about three months.

Momma Alligator

I want to remember way into the future, say next year, that this kid gave herself and her parents and imaginary friends different names every day or so. Baby Cilantro turned into Baby Basil, who became Momma Alligator and then Lauren. Bryn is currently Mia.
Also, this second image illustrates what a toddler does when asked to open her eyes.


Light Shelves

Another note on the post below. Light enters through the custom-designed bookshelves that line the perimeter, all window, of this small satellite library branch. The quality of light is great for reading. And being.


I'm long overdo for a post on this here blog. Life sometimes gets in the way of our writing about life. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.
This is a public library designed by Osborn Architects. Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Glendale.