I like a tree that is not bound by the scale of its environs.


SoCal Cross

If this were any American city other than L.A., racers would not outnumber spectators.


Occupy LA

I went to Occupy LA and left with a lot to think about. What struck me visually, however, was this.


Tour de Fat, 2011

Protest and Survive

"Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" by the British punk band Discharge made a big impression on me when I was in 10th grade. The music was heavier and harsher than any of the SoCal and DC punk I was listening to at the time, and the concerns were not about hurt feelings but rather nuclear holocaust. We were sure it was imminent.
The most powerful song on that album was "Protest and Survive." The title says it all. In the context of the brutality of Discharge's sound, I found the message surprisingly positive. This weekend I was happy to find out high school students are still listening and being influenced by it. When I saw these kids leaving the Occupy LA protest at City Hall and asked if the sign had anything to do with the Discharge song I got a huge smile in response. And this photo.


Artifact, 13

Pegacorn with dog friend. It's difficult to see since it's white on white, but the Pegacorn's right wing has been carefully and lovingly bandaged with toilet paper.


11 Months

He rides every day. Crazy fit. Chunky quads. Strong, hairless calves. All cyclist.


Summer Garden

Our summer garden isn't in great shape, but one cherry tomato plant doesn't know that.



New WeHo Library

Had the good fortune to preview the new West Hollywood library across the street from the PDC, shooting an editorial assignment this morning. Wonderful civic project, designed by Johnson Favaro. Our family will definitely be spending time there once it opens in October.


Unique LA: July 30-31

I'll be selling prints of trees, like this one here, the last weekend in July @ Unique LA.

It's a golden opportunity to own and display a two-dimensional ficus tree (photographed by me) inside your home; it's pretty much guaranteed not to damage the sidewalk in front of your home.

It's all going down at Barker Hangar in the Santa Monica airport, and if you're anywhere south of Lodi (not off the hook Berkley/Oakland), north of Tijuana or west of Chicago (that's right, St. Louis), I sincerely hope you'll stop by, say hi, hand me a pint, and buy a few prints.

If you simply can not make it to the show but also can't go on living without a B&W ficus tree in your rumpus room, send me an e-mail and we'll make sure you're hooked up.

The Moment Before the Moment

This Russian mammoth was grown from a seed we saved from a Russian mammoth that was grown from a seed we saved.


Artifact, 12

I was preparing to photograph this bouquet when the 5-year-old who had arranged it earlier (the very same 5-year-old who, by this time at night, was supposed to have been in bed sleeping) appeared and insisted upon touching it up and restoring it to better reflect her initial design.
She's the stylist. I'm not. So of course I let her, before making her go back to bed.


Happy Father's Day

"Mothers and fathers: Create forums in which your children can learn the beauty of the world through the arts, so that they can pass it on to their children. That's what my parents did for me."

D. Boon (We Jam Econo)

Artifact, 11

Laura Ingalls Wilder made this campfire.


Josh Beckman's Sea Nymph

I'm a little late in posting this image I shot, but it's of an installation by artist-friend Josh Beckman at Machine Project last fall. I don't have any words that can do it justice (that's why we have this photo blog, right?), but it was both fun and awe-inspiring, loved equally by our 5-year-old and her parents. You can find out a bit more about it here and here.

Artifact, 10

The octopus was a gift from a friend (purchased at this neat place) that inspired the creation of this little ocean habitat.



Artifact, 8

The kid utilizing extra-long Doc Marten shoelaces tied together to recreate extra-long Rapunzel hair. On her imaginative process: "I see it in my brain." I wish I could see like that, but at least I get to witness it, try to capture a moment.
That's why I enjoy photographing architecture, design and art: I like witnessing—visually describing—others' creative process and resulting work, but not as much as I enjoy hanging out with this kid.

8 Months, Y'all