After I stopped cursing my third flat in the past week—and I've barely been riding—I realized it had been awhile since my last bicycle-themed blog post. So, here's what it looked like when I found the microscopic hole in my tube. For those of you who haven't shared in this fun experience, you remove the tube from the tire, reinflate the tube, and then submerge it in water. The bubbles help you locate the hole, which you patch with a stinky toxic glue and, well, a patch.

A Lot of Windows to Wash

On these Century City landmarks. Speaking of CC landmarks, check this.


Salvaged Kale

This bunch of kale took part in yesterday morning's pre-heatwave garden exodus. We didn't get a chance to harvest our red leaf lettuce before the record hot day. Though we've watered our lettuce almost daily lately, the thin lettuce leaves actually burned and dried up by midday. I guess we'll have lettuce again in November.


Crimson Sweet


Heatwave Harvest

It was 92 degrees in L.A. yesterday, and it's supposed to be a couple of degrees hotter today. Leafy greens like this kind of heat less than I do—which is not at all. So I pulled most of the chard, kale, lettuce and arugula from the garden this morning, and it's all chilling safely in the fridge.


Expectations Exceeded

I want to live here.

Hannah Carter Japanese Garden

The kid and I are about to head there for our first visit in a year. As it's been a good spring for growing things, I think we're in for a good day.


Golden Chard Update

These plants have been providing us a lot of leafy greens this year.


Side Shoots

This lovely specimen from our garden was just steamed and quickly eaten by the entire family (the kid, now three, loves her veggies) before it could make its way to the dinner table. We're still new to the broccoli game, but understood that after the main head is harvested, the side shoots will provide more, if smaller, harvests for a while longer, before the plant has run its course. This side shoot was noteworthy not just for its deliciousness, but because when we sliced it off of the plant an hour ago, it was nearly six inches across, slightly larger than the main head that we enjoyed in January.