Cedar Waxwings?

The tree in front of our living room window, a cotoneaster, attracted a noisy and ravenous flock of cedar waxwings last winter. Twenty or more birds flew in quickly and loudly, ate large amounts of the bright red berries, and within seconds disappeared. They did this for a number of days—no sight of them when they weren't in the tree—until the tree was emptied of its round red snacks. Then they were gone.
We haven't seen them yet this winter, and are wondering where they are.


Green Toys

She received this cool gift for her birthday, and we planted the seeds today, with great ceremony.


Red Oak Lettuce

Not the most flavorful lettuce growing in our backyard, but it adds a nice visual touch to a salad. And it probably has some nutrients and stuff, too.

Sugar Snap Peas Winding Down

A month later, we can still pick a bowlful of snap peas every few days. It feels unseemly having favorite plants—somehow akin to favoring one child over another—but these peas give so much and taste so good and come in such a toddler-friendly bite-size edible package. And if you give them something to climb, they're very easy to grow.
On that note, one important lesson learned: Sugar snap peas don't like to climb a tepee trellis. They prefer to grow straight up, and not to have to lean or reach much.


ATOC ’09, pt.4

We chose a spot on a hill to watch the racers go by, mistakenly thinking that the incline would slow them down enough so that we could actually see them. Hills don't slow down professional bike racers.

ATOC ’09, pt.3

Bicycle valet parking was available at the Rose Bowl for spectators who rode to watch the race. It may be a well-kept secret, but L.A. is a bike town. It is.


ATOC ’09, pt.2

She doesn't know the half of it. Nor do we. Whatever the case, Floyd Landis can ride a bicycle very fast and can handle it better than almost anybody, and it's good to see him racing again.

ATOC ’09, pt.1

We went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena yesterday to cheer on the racers riding the second-to-last stage of this year's Tour of California. The camera-to-person ratio is much higher at a bicycle race (particularly considering the Lance factor) than a zoo, museum and flickr photowalk combined. I was quite happy to see this photographer set up with his 4x5 view camera, waiting patiently for what I hope turned out to be a successful shot. It's not about the camera, but sometimes it is.

Piñata, Before




Break It Down

Fruit stickers don't decompose. I say do away with them.
On a compost-related note, our friend Brent made a video describing worm composting, which seems great but perhaps labor-intensive, and with a narrower margin of error than the standard Throw-It-In-A-Bin-And-Let-It-Become-Soil method.


Buttercake Bakery

I had the good fortune to work with some fine people at Buttercake Bakery the past two days. They're on Pico with a new store opening at Sunset Plaza soon. Their cakes, cookies, tarts, bars and cupcakes are all exceptionally good. Nice people; great sweets. That's as close to an endorsement you'll get on this here photo blog.