Banality Series

So, no one really needs another series, but sometimes we start taking pictures and they become a series and then we have another series.
Welcome to the banality series. All of these photos have been and will be taken in a specific place, which I'd rather not identify for a number of reasons. More posts from this project here, here and here. And many more to come. I hope to post every day for a bit, so please visit again soon.
Thank you.


You Be the Monkey

Photo Booth #2

Jed set me up with another photo booth opportunity, this time at a CD release party for Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. With foredrops created by David Barlia, we recreated Coney Island at the Steve Allen Theater.
Sort of. This unsavory character wouldn't give his name, but did share knowledge of this with us, and for that we are grateful.
More photos from this fun event coming soon.