Nusia bikin'

Brussels Sprouts

Ours as of this Dec. 9 morning. They're about a foot tall, healthy and robust and aphid free.
We've got high hopes for this crop. Still too early to start bringing out the Brussels sprouts recipes (taking suggestions, though, if you have any), but we're optimistic we may be eating the fruits of our labor in the coming months.


War Is So Retro

I took this photo before the war began, but I think the approach of appealing to people's fashion sensibilities rather than their politics is still a good idea.


Another Alpine Explorer

This is Phil Eploring the Alps by way of the Velaslavasay Panorama.
Here's another Explorer photo.

Some of these photos have made their way back to me, and I'm posting them when I get a little downtime.


Pico-Hauser pt. 2

Pico Modern; La Maison du Pain; 33 1/3

Pico-Hauser Outtakes

Some photos I shot of local businesses here in our new neighborhood (Pico-Hauser, Picfair Village, or Wilshire-Vista depending on what side of the Springfield-Shelbyville battle you're on) appear in the November issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Considerations that differ from mine go into deciding what images run, how big and such, so I thought I might post some outtakes, which I prefer to what made it into print.
In order of appearance: 33 1/3; Mercado; Sky's Tacos.


CA Endowment Center for Healthy Communities

Some photos I shot will be accompanying an exhibit at the California Endowment's Center for Healthy Communities in downtown LA, with an opening at the Healthy Neighborhood Festival this Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. The show is called "From the Abundant Pharmacy: Traditional Medicine in Los Angeles' Chinatown." It was curated by Sabrina Motley and Sojin Kim. LA Times article on it, too.


Nusia, sunflowers and an old chair

Nusia is sitting on a rocking chair that was mine when I was her age, in front of our sunflowers, which she and I have watched grow just about every day since they were seedlings shorter than her.


Modal Design

I shot these photos for Modal Design awhile back and had meant to post them earlier but was a bit busy. So here they are now.



This is a part of a series of pictures I've taken over the past year of people whom I know and admire.
This is Matt. With a map. And waders. Not too far from Culver City.

Vegetable Garden

I recently planted vegetables and herbs in two raised beds in our new backyard. Nusia and I tend to them every morning and evening. I enjoy it more than I can say.

Does this mean

we're on the phone too much?
She wasn't put up to this.


Alpine Explorations

One of about 150 Polaroids I shot at the Velsalavasay Panorama's Grand Unveiling Saturday night. Paula painted a magical backdrop; Jed came up with the concept--and pulled Polaroids; Eva supplied brilliant costumes and helped everyone get them just right. Sara, Mary Jane, Oswaldo and Jaun set up the wonderful landscape.

If you happen to know someone who was there and has a Polaroid from our studio, please ask him/her to scan it and send me a copy. I would be ever so grateful.

One more thing: If you enjoy seeing beautiful things, pay the Panorama a visit. You will not be disappointed.

(photo appears courtesy of generous subject)


And Now a Word From Our Commercial Sponsor

Recent work for Schmidt Architecture. Simple, clean, respectful and stylish renovation of an Eichler home.

I seem to have misplaced my Brittanica, but this from Wikipedia:
"[Joseph] Eichler, unlike most builders at the time, established a non-discrimination policy and offered homes for sale to anyone of any religion or race. In 1958, he resigned from the National Association of Home Builders when they refused to support a non-discrimination policy."


One More of the Kid

Just because.

Alpine Fotostudio

There's going to be an Alpine Fotostudio Saturday July 21, 2007, at the Grand Unveiling of the Effulgence of the North Panorama at Los Angeles' one and only Velaslavasay Panorama. Yours truly will be manning the camera and there will be perfomances by Tony Hartenstein and alphorn player Loren Marsteller, among others.
A night not to be missed. Even for busy urban homesteaders/writers on deadline.

Nusia Likes Gardening

Gardening with Nusia is superfun, if not superproductive.
The Polaroid film that this photo was taken with (Type 665 P/N) is being disontinued, which makes me sad.


NSM Newsletter

I shot this photo on the cover of the Norton Simon Museum's summer 2007 newsletter, as well as an exterior photo on the last page. Not credited because that's how these institutional things go sometimes. Ceramic tiles by Edith Heath/Heath Ceramics. If you want to see how Modern and cool this building looked after it was built and before the Frank Gehry renovation--when it was still the Pasadena Art Museum--do a search for photographer Thom Wayne and take a look at his excellent photos, shot in 1971, I believe.


Critical Mass, LA 1998

I just came across this little clip I wrote--the photo isn't much, but it's mine, too--while on staff at Mounatin Biker magazine. At the time what I believe were L.A.'s first critial mass rides were meeting up at a few different spots and then converging in Westwood. I think there may have been a downtown ride, too, but I'm not sure. The rides I went on met first at West Hollywood Park, and there were maybe 35 riders on the best days, and it was underwhelming, if hopeful. Riders antagonized unfortunate Friday-afternoon commuters, and we didn't really make up much of a mass. We even rode the quiet and ultrawide residential sidestreets of Beverly Hills. I think those early rides, and the bicycle community they helped to form did, however, hasten the beginings of the LA County Bicycle Coalition.


Nerd Hat

We call it Nusia's nerd hat, but I don't think she minds.


You Can't Compost Concrete

A very short film I made will be
screening this Sunday as part of the SIlver Lake Film Festival
along with a collection of shorts curated by the Echo Park Film Center.
It's called "You Can't Compost Concrete," a title taken (they're not around to take it back) from "Eat to Live," a now-defunct quarterly publication of sublime brilliance and humor, roughly about food and politics and the central-but-undervalued role eating plays in our lives; and the unusefulness of concrete in backyard composting.



The Birthday Robots

One of my favorite films ever is a short titled "Max Is Four." To watch it is to know cinematic perfection. Here are the film's stars and creators. Photographing them was incredibly fun, and it was also a great privilege, as I'm a big fan of what they do.