The Knowledges, contd.

Came across this at Mt. Wilson, while wandering through the Knowledges. If you know anything about it, I'd like to hear it.


Hammer VBB, pt. 2

Fossilized dinosaur poop holding up books. Hands-down the most minimal setup I saw at the VBB. If you can ID the artists responsible, please let me know.

Hammer Venice Beach Biennial

Our whole family had a blast visiting the Hammer's Venice Beach Biennial yesterday, and I scored this cheery addition to the Pelican case that holds my lenses thanks to artists Alexis Smith and Scott Grieger. 


I Couldn't Not Photograph This Thing

 (Out-of-towners: primer here.) What I enjoyed most was the barren, negative space around it, but from my grounded position, I didn't see any way to make a picture of that.