I made the mistake of reading the side of a milk carton this morning, and it annoyed me enough that I picked up the phone. Is there any connection between a stock image of a young seedling in a model's palm, and the milk my child drinks? I called Horizon Organic today and told them I thought it was less than honest to state "choosing organic leaves the world just a little better than how we found it." If they were indeed leaving the world a little better than they found it, you'd think they'd allow customers to visit their facilities. When I asked if I could see where the milk we buy comes from their helpful customer service associate replied, firmly, no.

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Unknown said...

Greenwash: It's everywhere.

I recently realized that my standard choice in light bulbs isn't actually any more environmentally friendly than any other bulbs, even though the packaging leads you to believe it would be. It's the "eLogic" line from Sylvania, and the bulbs are sold in a nicely designed box with little green leaves on it. I was buying them for a year before it occurred to me to pay a little more attention.

The bulbs are a smaller form factor (though they still fit Edison sockets) and they come in odd wattages (like 38, 57, 71 and 95) that sort of imply more output from less watts. They imply it, and we infer it. But really, they're just smaller light bulbs in odd wattages. Sure, your 57-watt bulb uses less energy than a typical 60-watt bulb... but come on!

(In Sylvania's defense, the smaller bulbs use less glass and they're supposed to last longer, so there's less waste. Still. Not a revolution, IMHO.)

And regarding your original post... That Horizon milk sure does taste better than any other. It's delightful. They should probably just focus on that.