Critical Mass, LA 1998

I just came across this little clip I wrote--the photo isn't much, but it's mine, too--while on staff at Mounatin Biker magazine. At the time what I believe were L.A.'s first critial mass rides were meeting up at a few different spots and then converging in Westwood. I think there may have been a downtown ride, too, but I'm not sure. The rides I went on met first at West Hollywood Park, and there were maybe 35 riders on the best days, and it was underwhelming, if hopeful. Riders antagonized unfortunate Friday-afternoon commuters, and we didn't really make up much of a mass. We even rode the quiet and ultrawide residential sidestreets of Beverly Hills. I think those early rides, and the bicycle community they helped to form did, however, hasten the beginings of the LA County Bicycle Coalition.

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