If you didn't arrive here from Cool Tools, have you been there yet? In addition to heading back to the classroom to pursue some longstanding educational goals, I'm editing Cool Tools now. (Still doing the photo thing, too, of course. Always the photo thing.) And I'm pretty excited about that because I've been reading the site for the past two years, and many of the purchases I've made during that time have come from Cool Tools suggestions. Please visit, subscribe, submit. Just one more link.
See you there.
Thank you.


Phil said...

Congratulations! Even your biopic on the Cool Tools site has me excited. I hope you continue on with the WEC zeitgeist...I think it's time for a new era of Bucky-thinking sustainable tool wielders to emerge.

Best of luck.

elon said...

Thanks so much, Phil.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to meet you. I look forward to your work as editor.