When In Rome

A little more than a year ago, I photographed a group exhibition of Italian artists put together by Nero, and the catalog with my photos just arrived in the mail. It was a fun job in a lot of ways: I was surrounded by beautiful people speaking Italian; most of the show took place at the Italian Cultural Institue of Los Angeles, which inhabits a fine building with a splendid interior courtyard; though most of my work involved lighting and photographing traditional installations, I actually did some full-on running in order to capture a performance piece that made its way from the courtyard of the Hammer Museum over to the ICI's building a couple of blocks away, and then back; finally, in addition to the excellent visual art, wonderful Balinese music accompanied the performance pitcured here. Lots of photos to share from the catalog, so please check back later this week. (Top: The cover—with which I had absolutely nothing to do. Below: A spread of a photo I shot of a performance/installation/tableaux by Italian artist Luigi Ontani.)

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