Park[ing] Day '09 Gallery

Last year I drove around visiting and photographing a number of Park[ing] Day parks. This year I decided to leave the car at home and use buses, trains and my feet for getting around. Between the reduction in sites this year and the limitations of public transportation—and, of course, the heat—I didn't get to see quite as much as I had hoped. If I didn't get to your park, I wanted to—I really did—but it's a big city and I had to choose parks along or near the Wilshire corridor to maximize the limited time I had. By the end of the day I had taken 2 trains, 6 buses and walked about 5 miles.
I saw a lot of people who made a big effort to temporarily reinterpret public space, photographed some, and here it is.


Bill said...

Wonderful photos, as always.
I guess I'd thought that Park(ing) Day was sort of sanctioned, or at least approved, or at least tolerated, by the powers who be. Like the LAPD. But they moved the folks onto the sidewalk by MacArthur Park. So... I'm guessing it's a little more subversive than I'd realized?

elon said...

Thanks, Bill. I think they said it was a safety issue, which is a funny thing to tell people who ride their bicycles in L.A. streets. I'll try to get the full story and report back.

Ron Milam said...

Nice photos! Thanks Elon for sharing.