Field Notes

This humble notepad has an extensive devotional following on flickr. The kid (mine, pictured) has piles of notepads of every size, but using a parent's is always preferred.

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Unknown said...

Two stories of paper.
1. My grandfather used to bring home repurposed scrap paper from his job (at the railroad). The back sides were covered with numbers and grown-up words and office things that didn't matter to a kid--inventory sheets and time tables and statistical reports and whatnot. It was great thick paper for drawing and folding. Ideal for paper airplanes, which my grandfather had mastered. The resource was never ending. I bet there's still a pile of it in his hall closet.
2. In elementary school, one of my teachers was changing the bulletin board one day after class and she let me and Matt Dahm take home the used white background paper. It was probably about 4x8, but it seemed like it was an acre. We spread it out on his basement floor. The vastest expanse of legally drawable real estate I'd ever laid eyes on. We drew on it for what seemed like weeks. A space scene.
It was just paper.