President Obama and Our Earthquake Plan

President Obama is in town. A half hour before I was to drive to pick up the kid from school, I got an e-mail from a fellow parent with listings of street closures near the school, due to the president's visit. According to the LADOT website pretty much every main thoroughfare around school was to be shut down for a four-hour period.
So, our earthquake plan kicked in: ditch the car and use the bicycle and child trailer. When streets are closed or heavily congested, a bicycle works brilliantly. It would be my prefered method of daily transport, if I weren't concerned about driver aggression or indifference. L.A. has come a long way in terms of bicycle acceptance, culture, advocacy—but this isn't Davis.
For the trip home I rode on sidewalks to be extra cautious with my precious cargo. It wasn't quick, but it worked perfectly.

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