L.A. Creek Freak

Joe Linton is giving a bicycle tour of the L.A. River, Saturday, January 24, at 11am. If you have a working bicycle and live in the L.A. area, you don't want to miss this. Joe wrote a most readable and usable guide book titled "Down By the Los Angeles River," on Wilderness Press. The great thing about this book is that Joe wrote the text and also illustrated it; I love his interpretive hand-drawn maps and his illustrations are great. If you have even the slightest interest in exploring the L.A. River and are not sure how to get started, Joe's book is a superb guide. Our family has used it for a number of riverside (walking) expeditions that have gotten us out of the house and a little more familiar with our beloved city and the river around which it was founded.
A couple of months back I sent Joe an e-mail about an outing our family had just gone on, using his book, and he posted my snapshots and e-mail on his blog.


Joe Linton said...

Your check is in the mail, Elon! Just kidding - thanks for the kind words.

Joe "Creek Freak" Linton

elon said...

OK, so for the sake of mostly full disclosure, Joe is an old friend, and I'm going to get a fat royalty check if you buy his book. Seriously, though, he is; and I'm not.