Sparkling Wine

The man in the photo in this photo is toasting you/me/us with a glass of sparkling wine. What that says to me is, "I'm going to make so much money off of you, I'll be drinking sparkling wine." I wouldn't want to say that to my clients. Maybe I'd pose with some Odwalla Strawberry Lemonade Seasonal, but nothing fancier than that. I think lifting a glass of bubbly in this context is somewhat off-putting. It's at odds with the surrounding shrubs, too. Additionally, the real estate market being what it is at the moment, perhaps it's not an appropriate time for toasts. You have to stay positive, of course, but with a little restraint and propriety. Don't you think?

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Sharon said...

OMG! We drove by that sign just the other day and commented on his white on white toasting portrait!